Using Your iPhone

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Learn how to use the incredible capabilities of your Apple iPhone! Take high-quality photos and share them with family and friends. Facetime your loved ones (yes, now you can make video phone calls!). Use Safari for browsing the Internet, online Maps for finding your way about town, the Health app for tracking your steps, and Siri for setting up calendar reminders or doing research. (Speak your question to her, and she’ll tell you the answer live!) This is a 4-part series workshop.

This series starts on September 5th, members cannot attend subsequent classes without attending the first workshop or given special permission by the instructor, Avi Green at

Class Instructor

Avi Green

Avi joined Greenwich House in January 2023 as the Computer and Technology Instructor, and the Computer Lab Manager, at Lifelong Skills.  With an affinity for people and for teaching; a natural […]