Counselors in Training (CIT)

The Greenwich House Youth & Community Center, Counselors in Training (CIT) program gives students the space and resources to develop essential life skills. Joining the CIT program is an excellent way of getting a foot in the door and gaining the skills needed to succeed in managing children and the general responsibilities of employment.

Our CIT program is open to Teens in grades 8 through 11. As CIT, (Counselors in Training) students will have the opportunity to work with experienced Counselors and Instructors.

Together we focus on developing teamwork and communication skills. The ability to work as a team while also being capable of transparent and open communication is vital to providing a fun and safe environment for all.

It is essential to give back to the communities we are all part of, in the spirit of community-centered values our CITs will learn how to develop and implement community service projects. Our goal for all CIT members is for them to gain a sense of why it is important to be of service and the sense of achievement gained in providing for community needs.

  • CITs will participate in two weekly meetings. Monday morning meetings are where we will go over all the topics involved in working with children, working with each other, and fellow staff members. These meetings will also have various workshops throughout the summer; workshops will include resume building, mock interviews, developing community service projects, and more. On Friday, an end-of-week wrap-up will review what worked, what didn’t, and what they need more support in.
  • Throughout the week, they will be placed into groups to assist with the day-to-day activities of summer camp and will work closely with the counselor of their group. When with their groups, CITs should be engaged and ready to assist the teacher, counselor, and campers. In addition, CITs will have classes available to them such as pottery, art, gym, and more.
  • Teens will work in-depth on art projects, participate in counselor training workshops, and begin to learn how to supervise young campers. We hope to encourage maturity and independence in our oldest campers while providing an environment for growth and self-discovery.

To join the program, please complete the application no later than June 12.

Applications for financial assistance are due by May 1, 2022. Both general acceptance and financial aid decisions are made on a rolling basis.