Center for Resiliency and Wellness Opens

Children's Safety Project staff doing crafts with a student.

For over thirty years, Greenwich House has been a home for New Yorkers struggling with mental health concerns, helping children, families and seniors overcome the impacts of trauma. As New Yorkers seek to return to their pre-pandemic routines, re-evaluate those routines or start over, many in our community are struggling to deal with the trauma and losses endured over the past 16 months.

Children are experiencing separation anxiety, fearing that when parents leave home for work they won’t return, and young people have also lost a crucial year of social skills development. In the past year, people of all ages reported a 300 percent increase in feelings of anxiety or depression. Our Director of Mental Health Services Linda Giuliano reports that many New Yorkers who had never before sought services for mental health issues are now reaching out to Greenwich House for help.

As the city looks to deal with the looming mental health crisis brought on by COVID, we are looking to expand our services to meet the growing needs of our neighbors. That’s why we combined our two flagship mental health programs—the Children’s Safety Project and the Senior Health and Consultation Center—under one roof as the Center for Resiliency and Wellness. Bringing all our experts together will allow us to better provide intergenerational mental health services in person or virtually to our existing and new client referrals.

“We’ve had people contact us who really struggled to deal with the disruption of their routines, isolation and multiple losses,” Linda says. “These feelings are normal. We’ve seen clients begin to process feelings, and report to us that they now have the space and safety to grieve, rebuild and heal.”