Pottery Classes

Greenwich House Pottery offers adult courses for every level of practice and discipline including wheel-throwing, handbuilding, mold making and slipcasting, and various special topics classes. Greenwich House Pottery has two locations in New York City: 16 Jones Street and 80 Eighth Ave.  


The studios at Greenwich House Pottery – Jones Street are equipped with two hand-building classrooms, two throwing classrooms with twenty-eight wheels, a mold-making and slip-casting studio, one gas kiln, five electric kilns, two slab-rollers, two clay mixers, three de-airing pug mills, one extruder and a spray booth. There are five clay bodies available: porcelain casting slip, white stoneware, throwing stoneware, sculpture stoneware and red earthenware, and grolleg porcelain is available for purchase. A large selection of glazes, slips and washes includes materials for both high and low temperature firing. 

The studios at Greenwich House Pottery – Chelsea are equipped with a handbuilding classroom, a throwing classroom, and a mixed-use studio space, three electric kilns, a slab roller, and an extruder. This studio specializes in mid-range firings, offering two clay bodies and a large selection of cone 6 glazes. 

We offer Samplers for students new to clay as well as Teen Wheel Intensive classes at both locations throughout the summer. Check back for one-day workshops throughout the school year.