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The studios at Greenwich House Pottery – Jones Street are equipped with two hand-building classrooms, two throwing classrooms with 28 wheels, a mold-making and slip-casting studio, one gas kiln, five electric kilns, two slab-rollers, two clay mixers, three de-airing pug mills, one extruder and a spray booth. There are five clay bodies available: porcelain casting slip, white stoneware, throwing stoneware, sculpture stoneware and red earthenware, and grolleg porcelain is available for purchase. A large selection of glazes, slips and washes includes materials for both high and low temperature firing. 

Due to an unexpected interruption to the gas service at our historic Jones Street building, please be aware that until further notice, firings will shift from ∆10 to ∆6 glazes for the summer term starting on July 8. Though we are working to accelerate these repairs, given that summer term is only six short weeks at Jones Street, it unlikely that gas kiln firings will be available before the term ends. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to seeing you in class this summer!
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Summer Term 2024 Classes

Registration for 6-week classes for Summer Term at GHP Jones St. opens June 10!
You can review the Summer 2024 course offerings below or download a pdf.