We are Thankful

Whether it’s a Barrow Street child toddling in for their first day of nursery school, or a senior learning new photography skills in their eighth decade, Greenwich House continues to be a home for everyone to find education and enrichment, care and wellness. We can do all of that because of the steadfast dedication of our community, and during this season of giving and gratitude, we share our sincerest thanks!

In the last two years, Greenwich House services touched the lives of over 60,000 New Yorkers in need, marking a four-fold increase from previous years. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to ratchet up operations in areas of need.

When our seniors were experiencing isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown, Greenwich House launched the Neighbor Network Program, creating social and informational connections that not only assisted with emotional support, but also helped facilitate access to food, transportation, medication and healthcare. This effort also helped get at least 7,300 seniors to a COVID vaccination site. When the pandemic exacerbated food insecurity, Greenwich House stepped up to partner with the GetFoodNYC Emergency Home Delivery program, delivering 42,000 meals to residents in need across the city.

In addition to caring for vulnerable communities during this time of crisis, we have also been looking forward, continuing to dream big about how we can expand our innovative programs to enrich and transform lives. We are taking bold actions to be of greater service to our community:

  • To nurture creativity, our Youth Community Center has expanded program offerings to include music and the performing arts—both important outlets to grow young minds.
  • To expand options for families, our Nursery School and After School services have partnered with public schools to offer additional support for local parents and children.
  • To provide mental health services for seniors, adults, and children, the Greenwich House Center for Wellness and Resiliency works with community members coping with loss, dealing with trauma, and facing end of life issues.
  • To ensure that our community can learn, explore, and grow in the most inspiring environments possible, we are investing in our Music School and the Pottery, upgrading spaces for the next 100 years.

Thanks to your partnership, Greenwich House will continue to provide visionary and diverse programs in the years ahead. If you would like to support this work, please consider donating this Giving Tuesday, or any time during the end-of-year season.

Thank you for being a dedicated supporter! All of us at Greenwich House wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.