Steve Palitz

When Steve Palitz reflects on growing up in the Village in the 1960s, he observes that much has changed about the neighborhood, yet Greenwich House Music School (GHMS) has remained a stalwart. While he didn’t attend the school as a child, the spirit of artistry, community and collaboration was palpable then, as it is now. When he was just 24 years old, Steve’s college music professor, Albert Valdés-Blain—a student of Andres Segovia—recommended he audition to teach at GHMS. Albert and his brother, Rolando, both taught at the school themselves and lauded it as the first and best music school in New York City to offer authentic classical guitar instruction. Steve jumped at the chance to follow in his mentor’s footsteps by teaching at GHMS—and he has never looked back.

Nearly 50 years later, Steve continues to teach guitar to students, and looks forward to spending more time working with GHMS as he transitions away from his other profession as a lawyer. His pupils range from age eight to 65, embodying the music school’s welcoming environment for students of all ages and abilities. “Greenwich House is a place where there is a great emphasis on inclusiveness and community,” says Steve. “For my students and in my own life, it has served as a consistent haven where creativity and never-ending discovery are cherished.”