Women’s History Month HERstory: Linda Leon from Center on the Square

Meet Linda LeonLinda is proud to have worked full-time while attending college, starting at FIT and eventually graduating with a BBA. She’s sampled her career in retail, accounting and working in a travel agency. Her hard work in school and working full time is also one of her proudest achievements in which she says “I’m very stable and focused” 

She believes people and connections are life’s greatest assets. Connecting through her years of travel has brought her much joy and enrichment in understanding people of different cultures. Her favorite destination is Paris, which she would visit annually while working at her travel agency. 

When asked Linda’s favorite thing about Center on the Square, she responded with “I like the people, I’m an extrovert and I love Janet (Assistant Director), Maria (Kitchen Aide) and Nicole (Center Director).” 

Since 2019, Center on the Square has received continuous dedication through the volunteer assistance of member Linda Leon. 

Linda’s passion for volunteer work began in 2007, with a commitment to cancer research. Linda has marked this time in history as one of her proudest achievements. She has been recognized and rewarded for her work and continues to pay it forward. “I want to give back for the food I eat”, says Linda.