Social Workers Month Spotlight – Tracyann Wright, MSW

Becoming a social worker stemmed from Tracyann’s desire to assist others during her time in nursing, she realized she craved more one-on-one interaction with clients.  

 Since spending over six years in social work, drawn especially to older adults due to personal ties, she found fulfillment in alleviating their burdens. Tracyann’s proudest moments are when she sees a huge load lift off her client’s shoulders and the immediate relief once they’ve been helped. A simple task such as filling out an online benefit application can be daunting for some, but Tracyann feels accomplished knowing her clients have been taken care of. She continues to advocate for the older adult community, particularly when it comes to housing, she believes older adults, especially veterans deserve priority and the community deserves more resources.  

 To aspiring social workers, Tracyann emphasizes the importance of genuine dedication and selflessness, highlighting the rewarding nature of the profession when rooted in a genuine desire to serve the community. And most importantly, self-care is without the key ingredient to helping others. Taking breaks, going for walks, enjoying nature and journaling are some of Tracyann’s go-tos during the most stressful moments.