World Health Day 2024 “My Health, My Right”

 In observance of World Health Day 2024, themed “My Health, My Right,” we are reminded of the universal importance of equitable healthcare access. Since its inception in the 1948 WHO Constitution, the right to health has been a fundamental human right. Here’s how Greenwich House programs are providing community access to essential healthcare, social services, and educational resources.  

  • Doctor's Appointment
    • Our two health facilities — the Greenwich House Center for Resiliency and Wellness and Center for Healing — provide multigenerational, trauma informed treatment to New Yorkers from ages three to 100 and beyond. Both centers connect individuals with appropriate treatment within a matter of days and provide immediate admittance for those in crisis.

Nurse Check-In

    • Our primary areas of expertise include trauma-informed mental health care, substance use disorder recovery treatment, and support services for older adults. Greenwich House is licensed to administer medication-assisted treatment for mental illness and substance use disorder, allowing our patients with dual diagnosis to receive holistic care.

CRW Team

    • By design, our holistic model of treatment aims to reduce barriers and improve access to high-quality healthcare. We recognize how patients’ health is affected by their circumstances, which can impact a person’s ability to feel safe, stabilize, and heal. Our interdisciplinary team of medical providers includes physicians, licensed therapists, social workers, case managers, and home health aides – all working together to ensure each patient can access the treatment best suited to their individual situation.

Center Wide View

    • We offer treatment in both English and Spanish, and our culturally competent staff brings a diverse range of lived experiences to connect with members of our community.

CFH Reception Desk

    • Our newly expanded Center for Resiliency and Wellness allows us to dramatically increase the number of patients we serve, growing from 350 to more than 700. The modern, intentionally designed space allows us to serve our clients in-person and through telehealth services, including offering group therapies, support groups, and movement-based therapies at one central location for the first time.

Family Justice Center

    • Through strategic partnerships with reputable community providers our census has increased by 300%, allowing us to meet individuals where they are literally and figuratively. 

Mt. Sinai Event

    • By working with HIGN at NYU Meyers and Mount Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine, we provide older adults access to high-quality primary and specialty care at our 4 older adult centers. We are also celebrating our recently expanded reach through embedding CRW staff and counseling services directly in settings where their support is needed. We are proud to be located inside 11 Older Adult Centers and two Family Justice Centers, facilitated by NYC Aging and the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence respectively. Peer-led community outreach initiatives and events allow us to engage with potential patients in their environments, providing an opportunity to develop personalized relationships and connect with potential clients in need of our care.

Inside the new CRW

    • Both the Center for Resiliency and Wellness and Center for Healing serve every patient that walks through their door and asks for help. We accept all insurances – including private insurance, healthcare exchange plans, Medicaid, Medicare, and self-pay. A significant portion of our patients are underinsured or uninsured. No one is ever turned away.