Administrative Team

Nicole Ferrin, Director

Nicole Ferrin is the Director of the Barrow Street Nursery School.  She previously served the school as the Director of Administration, Admissions Director, and as a classroom teacher.  She has been a member of the of the Barrow Street community for the past twelve years. Her oldest daughter Eleanor graduated from Barrow in 2019, her daughter Cece is in our 4s/5s program and her youngest daughter, Teddy will be a Barrow Student soon!

Sasha Wilson, Associate Director 

Sasha Wilson will be joining Barrow as our Associate Director. After running a preschool in Westchester for close to 15 years Sasha returned to her roots in New York City.  For the past five years she has been working at Montclare Children’s School as the Associate Director as well as teaching early childhood classes at Hunter in their curriculum and teaching program. Born and raised in Greenwich Village by an NYU Professor and Artist, Sasha is excited to be back in the neighborhood at Barrow Street Nursery School and thrilled for the opportunity to be part of such a kind, nurturing and creative school which values each child’s unique experience while celebrating the joys of community building.

Ashley Warren, Admissions Director

Ashley Warren is the Admissions Director of the Barrow Street Nursery School since 2019. She spent 14 years at Montclare Children’s School in many roles, including a 4s assistant teacher, 9 years as head teacher of the 2s program and most recently, 4 years as Admissions Director. Using her classroom experience, Ashley enjoys introducing families to their child’s first schooling experience and sharing how these early years are paramount to a child’s growth and development. Ashley recognizes that a nursery school not only becomes a child’s first home outside of the home, but a parent’s as well and loves being a part of each family’s “village”. Ashley holds an M.S. Ed in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College and a B.S. in Childhood Education and Special Education from NYU. In fact, her first year at NYU was spent observing an after-school program at Greenwich House Settlement – it has all come full circle! Ashley’s home life is spent with 3 little ones, Jack (7), Ellie (5) and Henry (2)! 

Sonia Irizarry, Officer Manager

Sonia Irizarry is the Officer Manager of the Barrow Street Nursery School.  She has been a member of the Barrow Street community for 15 years. She is the mother of Jade and Tristan.

Ashley Schuppel, Programs Manager

Ashley Schuppel is the Programs Manager at Barrow Street Nursery School. She has been a member of the Barrow Street community since 2018 and brings our community experience as both a classroom teacher and project manager. Ashley just welcomed her first child, Theo!

Ursula Boone, Afterschool Coordinator

Ursula Boone is excited to be our Afterschool Coordinator. Ursula has been a part of the Barrow Street community for 15 years — as a classroom teacher, Summer Program Director, and a universal teacher for all of our age groups. Ursula says she is looking forward to this new and exciting opportunity to bring her experience and joy to a new role. 

Samson Baker, Education Director

Samson Baker joined Barrow as Educational Director in 2019. Samson comes to us with 15 years of experience working in independent, progressive early childhood settings in New York City. Most recently, Samson co-taught Kindergarten in an inclusion classroom at The Ideal School of Manhattan where he also served on the leadership team as a Diversity and Social Justice Coordinator. As an early childhood educator, Samson relishes the opportunity each day to tap into his inner child and see the world in new ways, and he loves to fuel the curiosity and passion that our youngest learners epitomize as they actively seek to understand the world around them in ways that are important to them. Samson enjoys partnering with teachers and families to support and guide each individual child at Barrow to discover their unique abilities and develop confidence as a learner and community member.

Associate Educational Directors:

Erin Pruckno (Administration)

Erin Pruckno will take on a dual role next year. She will serve as Co-Lead Teacher for the Purple PM group and also as an Associate Ed. Director, taking on duties related to organization and administration. With over a decade in the field of early childhood education, Erin has been a member of the Barrow community for 5 years, working as a lead teacher in the 2/3s classrooms. During her time at Barrow, she’s also taken on the dual role of Admissions Associate, supporting the admissions process at Barrow Street by sharing her love for early childhood and the Barrow community through family tours and admissions events. Prior to Barrow Street, Erin was a lead teacher at the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center in Washington, D.C., a museum-based early childhood program. Erin holds her MSEd from Hunter College and MA in International Education from The George Washington University. Outside of school, Erin is an avid reader, runner, and hiker.

Stephanie Roer (Teacher Development)

Stephanie Roer will move into the Purple AM group as a Co-Lead Teacher and also serve as an Associate Ed. Director with a focus on teacher development. Stephanie’s interest in play and meaning-making brought her to the field of early childhood over 10 years ago, and continues to tether her to collaborating with children and families today. As a member of the Barrow community for the past 4 years, she has worked as a co-lead teacher in the 3/4s classrooms. While at Barrow, she’s also taken on leadership projects such as a peer coaching initiative, a task force analyzing virtual learning, and an investigation into empathy in the workplace. Stephanie holds her MSEd from Bank Street College in Early Childhood Education/Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention and BA in Dance Studies and Religious Studies from Wesleyan University. Stephanie enjoys taking care of small critters you might find in your garden and learning about wine! She thinks the soil is very cool.

Kim McLeod (Parent Education)

Kim McLeod will take on Associate Ed. Director duties focused on parent education. Kim spent many years teaching at Barrow as the science consultant and garden specialist and will also continue to teach 4/5s science and offer support to teachers in science learning and curriculum. Formerly a wetland ecologist, Kim is a life-long learner who is currently working on her Ph.D. in Education Leadership at Lesley University. She loves to spend time outdoors, camping, hiking, kayaking/canoeing, and bird watching. The mother of two college-age daughters, Kim values family time and has always participated in her daughters’ school and extracurricular communities. Kim is excited to help bring families together, opening up our Barrow community to new and exciting parent education opportunities.