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Yoko Yates Quintet

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Yoko Yates Quintet


Youth: $17 (advanced)
Adults: $21 (advanced)
Day of: $25 (cash) at the door

Yoko Yates, born in Sapporo City, Japan, is a composer, pianist, and an educator. She began her keyboard study at age four and was exposed to a variety of music by her music-loving family. Though classically trained, her keen interest in improvisation led her to take innovative approaches and to develop the style of composition she is known for today.

Yoko is an integrated musician with a unique voice as a composer. Her compositions reflect her multifaceted artistry; her experience with a variety of musical genres and the visual arts; her love of nature and storytelling. She has composed music for films, media, and literary events. Her music is heard on Reuter Business Weekly and in several international award-winning documentaries including “Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice” directed by Kyoko Gasha, who describes her musical contributions as going beyond what words can express. She wrote pieces for “9.11, My Journey of Jasmine” by author, Akiko Endo, who says her compositions are born of a wonderful sensitivity that conveys emotion at a deep level.

She was awarded a Cultural Merit Scholarship from Sapporo City and a Professional Music Scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Graduating from Berklee with a B.A. in music, summa cum laude, she went on to receive a Master’s in Education from Lesley University in Cambridge (MA). She continued her doctoral study in music education at Columbia University, Teachers College (NY), where she was awarded a teaching assistantship and scholarship. She has been a member of the piano faculty at Greenwich House Music School in Manhattan and Brooklyn Conservatory of Music since 1996. At Brooklyn Conservatory she served as a piano chair from 2011 – 2013.

All through her schooling and teaching years, she has maintained a performing career, playing in both traditional concert settings as well as in clubs and special events in Boston, New York, and Japan. In April 2022, her first leader album “ Mystic Life” was released on SteepleChase Records. The album contains her 10 original compositions played in quintet by the notable musicians: Jamie Baum (Flt./A.Flt.), Sam Sadigursky (A. Sax./Cl./B.Cl.), Aryeh Kobrinsky (Bs.), Jeff Hirshfield (Ds.) and herself (Pf).  “Mystic Life” was named one of UK Vibe.org’s “Best Jazz Album of 2022.” 

“A highly skilled pianist comes to New York, starts meeting people as she builds her band and brand and the next thing you know, an ensemble is born that knows just how to deliver her original tunes. Smoking instrumental music that is jazz but goes beyond jazz in many ways. Often impressionistic and visual, this is a smoking debut from a pro that just planted a recording flag quite firmly.” – CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher Midwest Record

“Yoko’s music is imaginative, fun, beautiful, and natural. It incorporates music from a variety of genres and has emotional depth that hits my heart. Her unique style appeals not only jazz enthusiasts but to a broader audience. Each time I listen to “Mystic Life” it reveals more and inspires my own creativity. It is wonderfully crafted. Thank you Yoko for creating such beauty for us.” – DAVE GAHAN, Lead singer Depeche Mode (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 2020)

At this concert, you will hear some pieces from the “Mystic Life” album and her new compositions.

The performers are:  Jamie Baum (Flt./A.Flt.), Jasper Shogo Dutz (A. Sax./Cl./B.Cl.), Aryeh Kobrinsky (Bs.), Jeff Hirshfield (Ds.) and Yoko Yates (Pf/Composition).


My web address:  https://yokoyates.com


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