New York Music Month 2024 (Free Open Studios)

June is New York Music Month!

As part of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media + Entertainment’s New York Music Month,  Greenwich House Music School will offer free studio rentals for the public from June 1-30, 2024. Each musician or ensemble of musicians is entitled to one free 1-to-3-hour block of rehearsal time per day. Musicians may request a free rehearsal room by signing up through SKEDDA HERE. You may cancel your session up to 24 hours prior to the reservation with no cancellation fee.

This free account will require a credit card number. Users will not be charged unless:

  1. The reservation is in excess of the 3-hour block provided (billed at a rate of $15 per hour).
  2. The reservation is canceled less than 24 hours in advance (billed at a rate of $15 per hour).
  3. You must check in upon arrival via the app, or your confirmation email. If you do not check in within 10 minutes of the session beginning, your reservation will be released, and you will be charged the no-show rate (billed at a rate of $15 per hour).
  4. If you reserve a room prior to June 1 or after June 30, you will be charged the standard rate of $15 per hour unless notified otherwise.

Register for SKEDDA


  1. Studios are generally available Monday-Friday, 9 am-2 pm and 6-8 pm, and Saturdays 9-5 pm.
  2. Studios that are already booked or unavailable to you will be grayed out.
  3. Please do not bring any food and beverage into the studios (water is ok).
  4. At the end of your session, please tidy up and leave the studios as you found them.
  5. If a piano or piece of equipment needs our attention, please let us know at the reception desk on the first floor.


If you have any questions about Skedda please email Perry at

Please note that we are not ADA-accessible.

Interested in renting other spaces at GHMS, including our Recital Hall or Garden? Please email Andrew Jordan, our Production Manager, at

Thanks to the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment – in conjunction with NY Music Month festivities – all studio rentals will be available to the public from June 1-30, 2024. NY Music Month is an initiative of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media + Entertainment.