Beth Campbell

Pronouns: she/her
September 19 to December 7, 2022

Beth Campbell is a New York-based artist who creates drawings, sculptures, and architectural interventions that challenge our perception of the world by reworking everyday objects in surprising or startling ways. She employs mass-produced consumer items, often in repetition, to make apparent the way we use these items to construct our identities.

Campbell earned her MFA from Ohio University and her BFA from Truman State University. Campbell’s work has been shown at Kate Werble Gallery (New York, NY; 2019), The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (Ridgefield, CT; 2017), the Whitney Museum of Art (New York, NY; 2007), the Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York; 2004), and White Columns (New York, NY; 2000), among others. She has held residencies at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan, WI; 2009) and the Lower East Side Print Shop (New York, NY; 2006).

During her residency, Campbell will experiment with doing “burn outs” where she will coat natural materials in clay and then fire them so the organic material burns away but leaves its form and texture behind in ceramic. Campbell will also experiment with tinting porcelain slip with colorants to achieve different colorful surfaces.

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