Daniel Barragán

Pronouns: he/him

January 8 –  March 22, 2024

Daniel Barragán is an El Paso, Texas-born, New York City-based artist who works mostly in painting and sculpture. Through his artwork, Barragán seeks to disrupt the new American landscape, explore the shape of time, and ask questions about cultural representation, ownership, assimilation, and sexual identity, with a focus on the American Southwest.

Barragán earned his BFA and MFA from Pratt Institute. He has shown his work internationally, including at NARS Foundation Project Space (Brooklyn, NY; 2022), HOY (Montreal, Canada; 2022), P.P.O.W. Gallery (New York, NY; 2022), and Pratt Institute, Steuben Gallery (Brooklyn, NY, 2019). Barragán was a Smack Mellon–Hot Pick in 2020 and has held residencies at NARS Foundation (Brooklyn, New York; 2022) and Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT; 2019).

During his residency, Barragán will develop a project that uses southwestern pottery and imagery drawn from punk, rock, and metal music to turn a critical eye towards the U.S./Mexico border. Barragán will create a series of molds to produce vessels whose forms and decorations will be inspired by Pueblo pottery except that they will be overlaid with hand-painted images of album covers and rock stars. By combining aesthetics from visual art and music that are present in both the United States and Mexico, Barragán emphasizes his point that culture is not restricted by borders.

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