Ellen Winter

Ellen Winter is a song-singing teaching artist, music producer, and full-time goober who’s viral empowerment anthem “Mantras” has lit up Spotify, and was #1 on the In-Store Radio Charts in the USA for 8 months running. Their music fuses theatrical storytelling with dreamy synths and vocal stacks (think Regina Spektor meets Beck), showcased on their glitter-fueled debut album, Every Feeling I’ve Ever Felt. She co-composed / wrote / directed 36 Questions, the world’s first broadway-calibur musical podcast starring Jonathan Groff (Hamilton) and Jessie Shelton (Hadestown). Ellen is a recipient of the 2021 Bryan Gallace/Posthumous Prodigy Productions Musicians Fellowship from SPACE on Ryder Farm. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her collection of iridescent items and her dog, Ruby. @itsellenwinter | ellenwinter.com