Gary Dipasquale

Pronouns: he/him

For many years I have been involved with the vase and vessel form. I’m inspired by a vast history of world ceramics, Greek, Roman, Chinese vessels, Art Deco and African artifacts have all contributed  to my pottery and designs. Nature’s textures such as tree bark, plants, rocks, minerals and the colors of earth also inform and influence my work.

My vessels are hand-built using various slab-constructed techniques or they are thrown on the potters wheel. I incorporate colored clay, slips and then glazes are brushed, poured or glaze trailed on in several layers on the forms. Pieces are fired once or multiple times in the kiln to achieve varied and different glazed effects.

I use the minerals copper, manganese and iron oxide for achieving color, depth and a textured surface that will sometimes give a sparkle and shine to the work.