Georgia Reidy

Pronouns: she/her

Clay vessels of early potters were representative of the “cosmic womb”, the feminine divine and nature to protect, nourish, give, and provide. I create effeminate objects and vessels that encompass guilt, glory, and pressure of the maternal beauty of being. I rethink the traditional craft notions of ceramic as a clean, smooth, uncompromised vessel made to support the hand of a person. In my work, I urge the recollection of tender memory through tangible and familiar decorative objects, ornamental style, and iconography. These emblematic objects represent the magically elemental persona of clay as mirroring the traditional ideas and vigilance of female care. The passing of majesty and wisdom from robust, hoarded experience of maternal figures on the grandeur and gruesome complexities of existing as a woman drive my creative practice. My work is guided by motifs of fragility, care, and necessary persistence. I explore the matriarchal existence in contexts of familial, romantic, and platonic bonds and its ineluctable impact as a universal variable to all beings.