Laura Ahumada

Born in Córdoba, Argentina, Laura started ballet lessons at the age of 4, and decided, soon after, that the piano was the most interesting object in the room.

She then began with private piano lessons and went on to study in the Félix T. Garzón State Conservatory in Córdoba City where she obtained her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy with the highest honors of her class.

Laura performed extensively in her country as soloist, accompanist and ballet and choir pianist. She held positions as the pianist of the Opera Choir in Cordoba, and performed with the State Chamber Orquestra, Conservatory Orchestra, as pianist of Tenor Marcelo Alvarez, Contemporary Official Ballet and many others. At the same time, became part of the faculty of La Colmena Music School as a Piano Instructor.

In 1994 she performed in Madrid, Spain, and Amsterdam, Holland, and in 1996 she moved to the USA to pursue yet another Masters Degree in Brooklyn College. When Laura met Maestro

Germán Diez, protégée of Claudio Arrau, she decided to stay in the USA and continue her studies with him for as long as possible. Her studies with Maestro Diez continued without interruption until briefly before his passing, in July 2014. Laura has performed in many places in the NY and NJ area, like Steinway Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York Public Library, NYU, Grace Church in Jersey City, Third Street Music School, etc, and she has taught extensively both in Argentina and the USA.

She was for eight years the Music Director of Waterfront Montessori School in Jersey City, adapting the famous method of Maria Montessori to Music learning with wonderful results. Every year since 2010 Laura goes back to her native country where she plays concerts and teaches Master Classes in the State University, where she has been following and supervising the development of a group of talented local young pianists.

Laura’s next projects include a Lecturerecital with Puerto Rican Soprano Sandra Mercado, which features the journeys of Columbus and the rich influences that have defined the musics of the Americas and Europe. In March 2015 Laura and the Soloist Violin soloist of the National Tango Orchestra from Argentina, Valeria Martin, will offer a concert in New York featuring folk, classical and tango music from Argentina. Laura enjoys teaching and participating of GHMS rich community and cultural life, from which she has been an active member since 2001 first as a student, then work-study benefit recipient, later ballet pianist, and now also as part of its distinguished faculty