Nicki Green

May 31 – July 8, 2022

Nicki Green is a transdisciplinary artist working primarily in clay in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through her work, Green explores ideas of historic preservation, conceptual ornamentation, ritual, and aesthetics of otherness. Green currently teaches ceramics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Green has an MFA from University of California, Berkeley and a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Green has shown work internationally, including at Craft Contemporary (Los Angeles, CA; 2020), LaiSun Keane (Boston, MA; 2020), Guerrero Gallery (San Francisco, CA; 2020), Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (Texas; 2019), and the New Museum (New York, NY; 2018). She has been artist in residence at the Center for Contemporary Ceramics at California State University, Long Beach (2019), the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Kohler, WI; 2019), and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts (Newcastle, ME; 2017). Green was a finalist for the Burke Prize in 2021.

During her fellowship, Green will continue an ongoing project she began in 2015 that focuses on the ways queer and transgender Jews use the ritual full-body immersion practice of mikveh. She will deepen her mikveh research by visiting New York-based mikveh spaces, and she will explore the Greenwich House Pottery archives for any ritually-engaged or religious artwork that would be relevant to her project. Green will record her notes from this research on several sets of tiles, which she will later install to mimic the submerged interior of a pool or mikveh.

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