Stephen Palitz

Steve began teaching at Greenwich House Music School while still a student at the Mannes College of Music, on the recommendation of his teacher,  Albert Valdes Blain, who had taught at GHMS himself in the 1950s, and often proudly remarked that GHMS was the very first music school in New York City to give authentic classical guitar instruction.

As a child, Steve began guitar studies under the guidance of ethno-musicologist, Alan Lomax, who arranged instruction with legendary traditional guitar master Reverend Gary Davis, an experience that helped Steve achieve an in-depth background in blues and related traditional guitar styles and repertoire.

In teaching, Steve emphasizes the development of strong long-term music-making skills so that students can ultimately enjoy a lifelong exploration of music.    At the same time, he is committed to the idea that music study should always be an exhilarating and inspiring process, and that personal sensitivity and flashes of in-the-moment humor should always play an equally important role.

A member of the New York bar, Steve has worked with many artists, musicians, writers and literary agents as a legal advisor.