Jessica Colas

While expecting her third child in 2018, Jessica Colas sought out a pottery studio so she could get her hands in clay. She enrolled in Greenwich House Pottery (GHP), and in her first six-week class, Jessica was captivated by the “magic” of GHP, where New Yorkers from all walks of life can come together to practice their craft, learn, and support one another. It became her sanctuary where she could find her “flow state” and be completely present while working on her projects.

Beyond providing the space and time to develop her own ceramics skills, GHP served as gateway to Greenwich House’s other programs, and Jessica ended up finding a community that offered creativity and connection for her whole family. When Jessica came home with handbuilt pieces, her oldest daughter Paloma loved what her mother was creating and expressed interest in ceramics. She soon enrolled Paloma in pottery classes through Greenwich House’s Youth Community Center (YCC). Now both Paloma and her middle child, Grace, participate in YCC after school classes, Summer STEAM Camp, and piano lessons at Greenwich House Music School. “Greenwich House has become such a special place to our family,” says Jessica. “They foster real, human connection, and we are grateful they are a pillar of the neighborhood.”