10 Secrets of Greenwich House – Untapped NY

It’s difficult to capture all that Greenwich House is and all that it does for the community in just one sentence. Founded as a settlement house in 1902 to help the surrounding immigrant population adapt to life in America, the institution has evolved over the past 120 years to meet the needs of its changing neighborhood. Greenwich House not only offers social and health services but also provides access to renowned arts and music programs. The mission has always been to serve the whole human. “There was something baked into our earliest DNA in which our founders saw that access to music and the arts was not just a “nice to have” but something as essential to the human experience as the most core health and human services we offer,” explained Darren Bloch, Executive Director & CEO, “It’s energizing to do this type of work in what is arguably one of the cultural creative capitals of the world, not just New York City or the country.”

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