Greenwich House Deepens Support for Domestic Violence Survivors Through Expanded Partnership with NYC Family Justice Center

The Greenwich House Center for Resiliency and Wellness is deepening its support for survivors of domestic, family and gender-based violence through an expanded partnership with the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence (ENDGBV) at its New York City Family Justice Centers (FJC), offering trauma-informed counseling and educational programs across Manhattan and Queens to address the profound mental health impacts of such trauma. 

“Our goal is to provide high quality services to the community in both a therapeutic capacity as well as a psychoeducational capacity,” said Matthew Stukalin (LCSW), Director of Family Justice Services, the Greenwich House Center for Resiliency and Wellness (CRW).  

Stukalin and his team of counselors and youth activity coordinators operate within ENDGBV’s Manhattan and Queens Family Justice Centers helping families stabilize as they navigate many government systems including court, social services, law enforcement, and healthcare. “We want to help people lead better lives and cope with traumatic challenges, while providing them with insight and understanding about mental health and options for care. If clients have higher treatment needs, we refer them to clinicians at the CRW, our mental health clinic,” Stukalin added.    

Supported by City funding for domestic and gender-based violence survivors, this expanded partnership enables the CRW to hire additional staff to provide the gamut of trauma-informed services, from individual, group, family, play, and expressive art counseling and activities. With guidance from design experts at the Greenwich House Barrow Street Nursery School, Stukalin’s team reimagined the FJC’s Playroom as a safe, engaging environment for children as their caregivers attend counseling sessions. 


“We are excited to grow our partnership with the Greenwich House Center for Resiliency and Wellness as on-site partners with our Manhattan and Queens Family Justice Centers,” said Cecile Noel, Commissioner, Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence. “Greenwich House plays an integral role for survivors coming to our Family Justice Centers, helping them to navigate City systems for access to vital, trauma-informed supportive services and resources. We are proud to have Greenwich House by our side as we work together to address the impacts of domestic and gender-based violence, so that we can collectively help ensure survivors and their families have the supports they need to heal.” 

Both Greenwich House and ENDGBV strive to create a haven for survivors as well as provide increased access to vital resources like shelter, food, and legal aid. “When you see a traumatized child come into our Family Justice Center silent and withdrawn, Matthew (Stukalin) and his team manage the situation and provide the emotional support needed desperately in that moment, and it’s truly outstanding to watch [the children] leave with books in their hands and a smile on their face. I am so grateful for the work we do together to ensure we connect survivors and their families to trauma-informed support,” said Susan Jacob, Executive Director, Queens Family Justice Center, Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence. 

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reported that in 2020, one in 15 children annually witnessed intimate partner violence, and the World Health Organization‘s findings indicate domestic violence can have detrimental repercussions on mental health. Through this partnership, adults and children in New York City who require higher levels of behavioral healthcare are referred to the primary CRW clinic with expedited assessment, intake, and admission to receive mental health services from an interdisciplinary team of therapists, child psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners, allowing children to process emotions and trauma.    

“Navigating the aftermath of trauma requires a community of care and compassion. With our expanded partnership with the ENDGBV’s NYC Family Justice Centers, we are fortifying our commitment to those impacted by domestic and gender-based violence. Our combined expertise ensures that every survivor, from children to adults, receives the holistic support they need for healing and resilience,” said Laura Langner, Chief Health and Human Services Officer at Greenwich House. 

Renowned for offering comprehensive support to domestic violence survivors—including shelter, food, and legal aid—the expanded partnership with Greenwich House will enable the FJC’s to elevate its counseling services, integrating evidence-based and culturally sensitive approaches for improved long-term results. 

“Across the board, their methods have been extremely effective in creating rapport and overcoming obstacles,” said Olivia Wilson, Executive Director, Manhattan Family Justice Center, Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence.   

For more information about the Greenwich House Center for Resiliency & Wellness, visit or call (212) 242-4140, ext. 251.