Ballet Recital 2023


The GHMS Ballet Recital will be held the first week of June, 2023.

Please hold Saturday, May 20, 2023 from 9-1 pm for extra rehearsal.


GHMS Ballet Bun Check List 

  1. Hair Pins (similar to the ones in picture 1 below) – at least 15 
  2. Flat Hair Pins (picture 2) – at least 8 
  3. 1 Hair Net 
  4. Hairspray 
  5. Hair Brush 
  6. 2 Thick Hair Elastics 

You can find hair pins and nets at Sally’s Beauty Supply  

Please note that pins and hair net should be of your child’s hair color. Please make sure to watch the video on how to make a bun, and to practice a few times before the day of the show.  Children must come to the theatre ready with their hair up in a ballet bun.


Picture 1

Picture 2