Healing HeArts – Drama Therapy for Ages 7-12

Changing lives since 2017!  

Created as a joint project between Greenwich House Music School and the Center for Resiliency and Wellness, Healing HeArts is funded by a special bequest from the brilliant creative arts therapist and musician, Bernice Brilliant. 

At Healing HeArts, we’re passionate about providing a creative and therapeutic space for young people utilizing Greenwich House mental health services. We believe that drama therapy is a powerful tool to help children who have experienced trauma express themselves creatively, building their self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Eligibility: Children ages 7-12 and their caretakers

Upcoming Session Dates: July 11 – Aug 22

To register, or for more information email: Nkontolefa@greenwichhouse.org

Our licensed therapists work with children to help them express their thoughts and feelings through storytelling, movement, and improvisation. But that’s not all – this program is also a special opportunity for young people to meet and play with others while enjoying the fantastic facilities and outdoor space of Greenwich House Music School. 

Since 2021, we’ve invited caretakers to participate in our creative relaxation and restoration class, which runs alongside the youth program. This program uses a range of creative activities, structured dialogue, and games to create a space where caretakers can connect with others, share their stories, and get in touch with their own needs and desires. 

So why wait? Come experience the power of Healing HeArts for yourself! Get in touch with us today and let us help you on your journey towards healing and well-being.