Greenwich House Music School’s Older Adult Chorus

(Photo Credit: Whitney Museum photographer Filip Wolak during the Whitney Museum’s Senior Access day on April 2, 3034)

Choral Class at Greenwich House Music School offers older adults an enriching experience in choral singing, emphasizing vocal techniques, repertoire exploration, and performance readiness. This comprehensive 22-week program, offered weekly at Center on the Square Older Center, culminates in a celebratory concert.  

Class Description

Through a carefully crafted curriculum, participants learn note reading, sight singing, and ear training, and a focus on a diverse range of choral pieces. From American Folk to African American Spirituals, Classical Choral to Musical Theater Repertoires, the program cultivates a deep appreciation for varied musical genres. Participants hone their vocal skills, ensuring vocal health, unified vowel sounds, and effective breathing techniques. They master high, middle, and low tones, discern melodic steps and skips, and internalize rhythmic beats. Through collaborative efforts in song creation and exploration of ostinatos, the class fosters community spirit and artistic expression.

Choral Performances

Notable highlights included a successful performance at “Taste,” where the chorus won over a younger audience, solidifying their bond as a group. Another standout moment was when a shy member gained the confidence to perform a solo at an open mic night, crediting the chorus for her newfound courage. Finally, mastering Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus proved a significant achievement, igniting enthusiasm among members and drawing praise from onlookers, including family members who witnessed their rehearsals. These moments encapsulated the spirit of achievement and camaraderie within the ensemble. 

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Shown below, are performances at Our Lady of Pompeii, Taste, Center on the Square, the Whitney Museum, and Councilmember Chris Marte’s State of the District Address.