Brenna Fisher

Brenna Fisher is a social practice artist interested in how artistic expression can be used to foster empathy, connection, and community. Brenna works in drawing, painting, and writing.

During the school year, Brenna works as a curriculum specialist at Barrow Street Nursery School. She also leads workshops for educators, students, and community builders where she uses artistic processes, tools, and practices in order to support the creation and growth of imaginative communities like schools, arts programs, and businesses.

On Thursdays, Brenna can also be found teaching at the Greenwich House Music School and co-created Curious Creatures Camp there in 2022. Formerly, Brenna worked as a 3/4s classroom teacher. During that time, she attended Hunter College and completed her Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Her thesis investigated the ways drawing promotes social justice and empathy in early childhood settings.

Prior to classroom teaching, Brenna also developed and oversaw visual arts programming as the art director of Kingsley Pines Camp and worked as a teaching artist at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in NYC.

Brenna’s undergraduate education took place at College of Wooster where she graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in English. During this time her artwork focused on the relationship between landscape and personal narrative. While at Wooster, she also participated in the New York Arts Program as an intern for Bruce PearsonNancy Bowen, and Daniel Zeller.