Carson Culp

Pronouns: he/him

May 28 – July 26, 2024

Carson Culp is a Portland, OR-based potter who believes in bringing modern approaches to traditional pottery techniques. He is dedicated to the constant growth and change of his work, and with that in mind, has spent the past year on an international residency tour, including at studios such as Taller de Terreno (BCS, Mexico), La Meridiana International School of Ceramics (Tuscany, Italy), and Peters Valley School of Craft (Layton, New Jersey).

Culp’s formative ceramics education was as an apprentice at the Leach Studio and as a resident at Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art. He has spent the last ten years dedicating himself to his craft as a maker, in addition to working in production studios, and as an instructor and ceramics technician.

During his residency, Culp will take the time to explore and grow his voice as a potter. Trained in the tradition of Bernard Leach, a British studio potter respected for simple and utilitarian forms, Culp will experiment with how he might incorporate the influence of contemporary art—especially street art, like wheat paste posters—into his work.

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