Grace Fossett

Pronouns: they/them

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Grace Fossett, is an interdisciplinary artist actively blurring historical boundaries between fine art and craft, by world building narratives through a queer non-binary lens. Dealing in dreams and histories, real and imagined, they are narrator,  spiraling storyteller, and subject. Arch, spaceship, truck, sword, boat, dragon, dog, gun, car, castle – as monikers for narrative, these forms suggest movement and the passage of time. They become the driving force of stories, multi-functional narratives to hold secrets that both shelter and shuttle you from place to place. Fossett’s work is a playful yet emotionally charged exploration of gender, fantasy, and the relationship with self— familial, platonic, and romantic. It conjures up a dream-like sense in their audience, blending fantasy and humor with poignant resonance.