Hongmi Kim Hoog

Pronouns: she/her

March 6 to April 21, 2023

Hongmi Kim Hoog is an artist who creates vessel forms by layering earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain to create unique visual patterns. For Kim Hoog, the juxtaposition of different clay bodies emphasizes the natural beauty of each material and is a metaphor for the benefits of diversity.

Kim Hoog is based in New Jersey. She earned her MFA in ceramics from The City College of New York, her MA in studio art from New York University, and her BFA in ceramics from Ewha University. Kim Hoog’s work has recently been shown at the Indianapolis Art Center (IN; 2022), the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts (TX; 2022), and the Cape Cod Museum of Art (MA; 2021).

During her residency, Kim Hoog will continue her layered-clay vessel series. Often referred to as agateware, nerikomi, or neriage—depending on the methods and the art historical tradition an artist is referencing—this technique is exceedingly difficult. She will hone her technical skills and experiment with new forms during her spring residency.

Download the press release here.