Samantha Restal

Samantha joined the MMTP team in 2019. She has 4 years experience as an LPN.

What motivated me to become an LPN and work in a recovery program?

I’ve always wanted to become a nurse, every time that I’ve gone to the hospital and watched how the nurses were so caring and attentive to the patients and deep inside that’s how I am and the feeling has always stuck with me and motivated me to become a nurse. Working in a recovery program came about because I’ve had past experiences with friends and family members who struggled with their own recovery

What brought you to Greenwich House?

Greenwich House was recommended to me by a fellow nurse.  We always talked about people who struggled with Substance Abuse and was a past employee.

How has being an LPN in a recovery program changed or affected you?

It’s helped me to understand that whatever the client is going through and their behaviors doesn’t always come from a fault of their own.  I’ve come to understand that life happens to people and sometimes the cards that we’re dealt are the ones we have to use. I’ve also become more empathetic.

What advice do you have for people reluctant to seek help for their SUD?

I would advise them that seeking help is more beneficial than harmful and the stigmas that stand behind the way treatment is given is usually a myth.  And to also try to educate themselves on what treatment is like and that it’s different for each person.

What is one thing people should know about GH and MMTP?

That it’s a judgement free zone. We’re all professionals here willing and ready to assist in any way that we can, from the outside resources that we provide to the in house care that’s given. The consistent support and encouragement that is given to each client with their treatment comes from a safe and trusted space.

How have your (cultural) skills benefited the patients?

My background is West Indian (Jamaica), I’ve come to know the majority of the patients on a level that makes them comfortable to talk to me. Sometimes during their time at the medicating area we talk about different foods, music and traveling. I would say it sometimes takes their mind off other things because we enjoy the conversations.