Stephen Dydo

Stephen Dydo became affiliated with Greenwich House Music School through his work with former director, B.C. Vermeersch, as well as through his organization, The New York Qin Society. Stephen lives and works in the Village and enjoys being a part of this unique community. At Greenwich House, he has found the connection among the staff to be unparalleled, and notes that the sense of community that exists at the school is unlike any other teaching experience he has had in the past.

Stephen on his teaching style:

“Music has been my great love since I was a young child. The opportunity to share this love with others by teaching is a great gift, and it governs how I approach my students. First of all, the experience must be joyful, for both of us. Then it must be challenging, for both of us; this means that often we work on music that is unfamiliar to the student, and sometimes on music that is unfamiliar to me. Thinking together about music is sometimes as important as playing together, and that can be true for six-year-olds as well as forty-somethings. With the understanding that every student requires a unique set of methods, these are the ones that I find most useful: 1. I must listen to the student to find what’s needed; this changes constantly. 2. Play together every lesson. 3. Sing everything. 4. Remember, the fingers are slow learners, but we must respect the way they can remember things for years and years. 5. Always play at the speed at which every note is correctly formed; otherwise you are practicing how to play badly. 6. Just listen!”