Tiffany Satterly

Tiffany Satterly is a Tejana artist living in New York City. Her handbuilt ceramics reference memories of growing up in Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. Iconic Western symbols rendered in clay—cowboy boots, oyster shells, horseshoes, and big chunky mugs like those found in the kitchen cabinets of family homes—are vessels for experimentation with a range of ceramic materials, building methods, and surface techniques.

Satterly has a BA in English from the University of Texas in Austin. She started handbuilding at home after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Her self-driven ceramic education has occurred at community studios and craft schools (Penland, Greenwich House Pottery, Clay Space, Arrowmont, Touchstone). She has worked in ceramic studios throughout NYC as a technician, production assistant, handbuilding instructor, and studio administrator.