Uncharted: Nour Harkati's Mawwal - Greenwich House Uncharted: Nour Harkati's Mawwal - Greenwich House
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Uncharted: Nour Harkati’s Mawwal

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Greenwich House Music School is pleased to present Nour Harkati in its annual Uncharted Concert Series, part of the Baisley Powell Elebash Artists in Residence Program.

Doors open at 7:30 pm

Website / Instagram / YouTube  

Singer/songwriter Nour Harkati draws creative inspiration both from his birthplace of Tunisia and from his nomadic exploration of the lands and disparate sounds of North Africa, Europe, and New York City. His music transliterates Tunisian lyrics into the beautiful and familiar language of a busker’s entreaty to stop and empathize. With help from Khalil Lajmi on frame drum and bendir, Harkati presents Mawwal, a show that takes its name from the traditional Arabic genre of sentimental songs of loss and desire that shares some of the emotional weight of the Portuguese concept of saudade. For this concert, Harkati will present new experimentations that blend ambient spiritual sound with heavily rhythmic and unusually structured vocal lines. These wistfully nostalgic tracks provide insight into Harkati’s journey and the future of global folk music.   

Nour Harkati’s performance is co-presented with Habibi Festival. Created with the goal of giving a snapshot of contemporary and traditional music of the South West Asia North Africa (SWANA) region, Habibi Festival aims to take listeners on a journey of the sounds wafting through the airwaves and living rooms of cities spanning Marrakech to Baghdad. Habibi events, while secular in nature, give artists and audiences the space to engage directly or indirectly with the intersectionality of Arab and Muslim identity.

Learn more about Habibi Festival at www.habibi-festival.com


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