Ready to Measure?

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How can I create an account?

Students can access the measuring system via They will be prompted to either log in or create an account.

Where do I measure my work?

Students can measure their work using the measuring tapes and rulers located in each classroom, or at the measuring station formerly utilized by the liaisons in the glaze room. If measuring in the classroom, students should use their smartphone and log in by scanning the QR code posted in each classroom.

Why does my piece height round up to 3”?

Our minimum height for any piece is 3”, which is the height of our smallest kiln furniture.

I previously registered at Jones but am at Chelsea now (or vice-versa.) How can I make sure my slips print at the right location?

Students can choose their studio location while measuring. We highly recommend that they set their default location to whichever studio they are enrolled at via the home page of the portal, otherwise their slips may print at the wrong location.

Will my balance carry over?

Students with existing positive or negative balances will have those balances carried over. They can access this by creating an account using the same email they used to sign up for class.

Students who have zero’d out their old firing log will just make a new account.

Can I measure for a single firing?

Yes, students have the option to measure one firing at a time if they would like.

I made a mistake while measuring, can I correct it?

Students should see a staff member to correct measuring issues.

Where can I drop off my work?

Once measured, students can drop their greenware off next to the measuring station, and their glazed work can go on the proper glaze drop-off shelf.

I lost my slip! What now?

Students are responsible for tracking their own firing slips if they measured for two firings at once. We will store found firing slips in an alphabetized box by the measuring station and receipt printer. If they cannot find the slip there, they can see a staff member for help verifying that they have measured their piece.