Registration Policies – Jones St


    • You must register before the first day of class.
    •  Students must setup an online registration account using their email address. Only one student per account. Advanced students are not permitted to enroll in beginner level classes.
    • All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Payment plans may be arranged for classes that are longer than 5 weeks. Workshop and special topics class prices vary.


    Greenwich House Pottery has limited funds available for financial aid. Please visit the Financial Aid page to review application process and guidelines.

    You must submit an application for each term you would like to be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


    By registering for a class at Greenwich House Pottery, the student understands and accepts the Pottery’s policies and guidelines, which are outlined here. Greenwich House Pottery reserves the right to exclude from programs and activities anyone who fails to abide by the institution’s rules and practices.

    • CLASS CANCELLATION DUE TO COVID: Due to these extraordinary times, in the event that the Pottery must close in accordance with another city-mandated shutdown of Phase 4 operations due to COVID-19, in-person classes will immediately be moved online when possible and the price difference (between in-person vs. online) for remaining classes will be provided as a firing credit or refund. If a course has not yet begun  refunds will be provided in full to students who do not wish to proceed online. Students enrolled in cancelled studio sessions will receive a refund for those sessions.
    • REFUNDS FOR IN-PERSON CLASSES: All requests for refunds for classes must be made in writing. All refunds are subject to a $50 administration fee. For a 100% refund (less the $50 fee), requests must be received one week prior to the first day of class. Written requests received less than a week and at least one day prior to the first class will receive a 50% refund minus the fee. Cancellations received less than 24 hours before the first class will not be refunded.
    • REFUNDS FOR ONLINE CLASSES: Online courses are not eligible for a refund or transfer once registration has been processed.
    • CLASS CANCELLATION DUE TO INADEQUATE ENROLLMENT: Registered students will be notified as soon as possible if a class must be cancelled due to inadequate enrollment and they will be given the opportunity to transfer to another class. In the event that an alternative class cannot be chosen a refund will be issued. Refunds will include the total cost of tuition.
    • TRANSFERS: Students enrolled in six-week in-person classes are permitted to transfer to another six-week class within the same session, up to the second week of class, subject to instructor approval and provided there is an available seat. Transfers to alternate terms or sessions are subject to refund and registration policies. Visit our website for complete guidelines.
    • LATE REGISTRATION: To ensure our instructors are able to communicate introductory information to all class participants, students should register at least one day prior to the first class meeting. Late registration for online courses will be permitted up to the second week of class. Registration after the second week of class may be permitted at the discretion of the instructor. We do not prorate for late registration. To ensure our roll sheets are up-to-date, we ask that you register for studio sessions 24-hours in advance.
    • MAKE-UP CLASSES: The Pottery is not responsible for issuing reimbursements or providing make-up classes for those missed due to illnesses, substitute teachers, or other events beyond our control. Alternate make-up classes are not permitted. We do not prorate or offer studio time for missed classes.
    • All programs are subject to change or cancellation.
    • Greenwich House is committed to fostering cultural diversity and has a non-discrimination policy that provides equal opportunity for all members of the community.


    • Sampler students must cancel at least 1 week in advance of their Sampler in order to receive a refund in-full.
    • Requests made less than a week in advance of your Sampler will receive a 50% refund.
    • Transfer requests must also be made a week in advance, and may be accommodated if there’s room in the requested Sampler.


    • REGISTRATION ELIGIBILITY: You must be currently registered in a multi-week course at the Pottery in order to book Studio Sessions. The Pottery will not honor registrations for individuals who are not enrolled in a class. Students may only book Studio Sessions at the GHP location at which they are enrolled in a multi-week class.
    • REFUNDS FOR STUDIO SESSIONS: There are no refunds available for Studio Sessions.
    • LATE REGISTRATION FOR STUDIO SESSIONS: To ensure our roll sheets are up-to-date and that we have adequate staffing, students should register at least one day prior to their Studio Session.
    • TRANSFERS FOR STUDIO SESSIONS: Transfer is permitted to another Studio Session provided the request is made at least 24 hours prior to the day of the session. Those who wish to transfer must provide the alternate studio session date in writing at the time of their request. Make-up sessions are not permitted. We do not refund for missed sessions.
    • STUDIO SESSION CANCELLATIONS: Sessions with inadequate enrollment may be cancelled. Registered students will be notified as soon as possible and given the opportunity to transfer to another session. In the event that an alternative session cannot be chosen a refund will be issued. Refunds for cancelled sessions will include the total cost of registration.
    • All programs are subject to change or cancellation.


    • Studio Guidelines and all rules of conduct are detailed in the Pottery Handbook, which is also available in the Administration Office.
    • A copy of our Clay and Glaze Handbook is available for purchase in the Administration Office or you may download the Clay and Glaze Handbook for free.


    Firing fees are calculated at 6 cents per cubic inch, which includes both bisque and glaze firings. There is a $1 minimum firing charge on all pieces, including single fired work (such as stacked greenware) or 3 cents for single firing. Students should visit our online store to add credit in advance of measuring. All firing fee invoices should be paid upon receipt. Once money has been added to your firing log, it can only be used for firing fees and is nonrefundable; however, unused firing slips, can be turned in for firing credit. Those with unpaid firing fee invoices will have their card automatically charged for the balance due at the end of each term. We will always attempt to contact students with overdue balances by phone and email prior to charging them.