About the YCC

The Greenwich House Youth Community Center provides students with a safe space to learn and grow. In our program development we strive to provide experiences that enrich education, encourage creativity, build friendships, and develop self-esteem.


Please join our community in the heart of Greenwich Village. We look forward to supporting you and your child as they explore their creativity and interests in our year-round programming. Whether you are with us for a week or for years, we look forward to building memories with you.



“I appreciate all the thought and effort that went into providing camp for the children. Greenwich House has been so transparent about everything from After School to camp—demonstrating its wonderful commitment to the community.”

“I was extremely impressed with how you ran a fun, successful camp during these hard times. I tell all my friends about the things you did, and how you can be a model for the schools. ”

I especially appreciated that although the protocols for the pandemic were in place, there wasn’t an attitude of fear or anxiety. Instead it was very joyful, and I am so grateful to the entire staff.”

“I was supremely impressed with how the camp operated all summer. I’m also a scientist who studies COVID-19 and thought that you really provided a great model for how this could be extended safely in the public school system. My kids both enjoyed it and we plan to continue for the fall.”

“The classes are fantastic. The staff is exceptional. My girls have grown and flourished at Greenwich House. I very highly recommend the program.”

“GH is such a special place!! Both of my sons have gone to GH for a variety of after-school classes (podcasting, dodgeball, science and art classes) as well as camps. Without fail, they ALWAYS leave happy and smiling.  I wish I could bottle up their post – GH energy and save it for every day! I don’t know exactly what happens there, but clearly it’s a special and wonderful place.”

“The camp is amazing and very interactive I love that the camp tries to create a fun space with many things to do, coming up with Summerween, bowling trips and summer parties makes you a different camp to be in. Thank you all for providing a safe and fun place for my child.”

“My 5yr Old loves Greenwich house more than his grandparents, which he made abundantly clear to me when we skipped a Friday to go visit.”

“This is our first summer at Greenwich House and I could not be more impressed. My child was so happy every day. Fantastic counselors and activities- very happy that this camp is here in downtown NYC. We will be back next summer.”

“Our daughter loved the program. She was excited to go every day and looked forward to the field trips all week!”

“Greenwich House and especially Omar have been the silver lining to the pandemic. When schools were shut, they provided a safe and cautious small group with great counselors to help do remote work. My daughter has never had much interest in sports…until she discovered the dodgeball class! This has carried over to other sports that she now happily plays! We are blessed to have discovered such an awesome place!”

“Our 10-year-old son has regularly attended Greenwich House after school programs and camps since he was five and we could not be happier. We love the low-key, neighborhood atmosphere, the small classes and high quality of instruction, and the amazing staff. Our son has made lasting friendships, gained confidence and learned new skills including podcasting, pottery, dodgeball, cooking, sewing, woodworking and more!”

“Greenwich House is a warm, creative and energetic place where our daughter has thrived! Omar and his team saved us during the year of remote learning and provided a safe, stimulating and flexible refuge for kids while they dealt with the ups and downs of the pandemic. The classes are great, and the team of teachers is extraordinary. Highly recommended.”

“Greenwich House has been part of our lives ever since my daughter was 6 years old and my son was a newborn. She is 13 now and he is seven, and we are so thankful for this amazing program. The teachers, counselors and staff (many of whom have been at Greenwich House for many years) have watched our kids grow up and have provided a safe, loving, thoughtful place for them to create art, make friends, play and learn. In a world of high-pressure programs, Greenwich House embodies the value of community and support for kids and families. We look forward to being part of the Greenwich House community for years to come.”

The past few years have been years of change. During these changes we have tailored thoughtful childcare plans that adapt to any changes and challenges we may have faced; and will continue to manage for the continued well – being of our community. The changes we have grown through together is why we are writing to ask for testimonials from you; families we are proud to serve and hope to create a greater future with.

Testimonials allow for parents like yourself to get a sense of parent/ child experiences had with Greenwich House YCC.

If you would like to help give insight and encouragement to other families that have not been part of our community yet, your testimonials will contribute greatly to our continued efforts to grow our community, and would contribute to the decision making process for other families that are planning for childcare.

Thank you for being part of our journey at YCC.