Policies and Procedures


  • Registrations must be completed on-line by the parent/guardian. Assistance can be provided by staff. Email ghycc@greenwichhouse.org to request assistance.

Registration includes:

    • Selection of an activity
    • Completion of emergency contacts, phone, and email
    • Completion of current school and dismissal information
    • Completion of medical information and forms
    • Completion of student demographics including primary address
    • Completions of consent/permission forms
    • Deposit and credit card info where applicable.
  • All registrations are first-come, first-served.
  • We do not save places in classes or automatically re-enroll your child in any programs.
  • Registration continues until the first week of any semester or until full, whichever comes first.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.

Health and Safety

  • If your child is sick, please have them stay home and monitor their symptoms.
  • If your child tests positive for Covid, we ask that you keep them at home until they are symptom free.
  • Should there be any other medical or special circumstances pertaining to your child that staff should be made aware of, please do not hesitate to inform us. Giving our staff all information relevant to the health and needs of your child will ensure that our team can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all.
  • We do not allow guests to attend classes.
  • Permission for your child/children to go home alone must be made in writing.
  • Caregivers, guardians, sitters cannot wait for child/ren at the reception area on the 5th floor.



  • Walkover services are available from PS 3, PS 41, and the Academy of St. Joseph.
  • If your child attends a different school, please inquire about walkover service by calling 212-242-4140, ext. 268
  • If your child participates in walkovers, notification is required if your child is absent from school and not able to participate.
  • We will remove any child from the walkover/escort who is unable to follow safety directions.

Extended Day

  • Extended-day supervision is available until 6 p.m.
  • If you choose the extended day service, your child MUST be picked up by 6 p.m.


  • Self-Dismissal/Arrival: All children that are anticipating arriving and leaving on their own must submit a written confirmation from a parent or guardian for us to have on file. Children grades 5 & up are permitted to arrive on their own and take the elevator to the fifth floor. We ask that parents supervise all children below grade 5 until they are with a YCC staff member.
  • Early pick-up: If your child needs to be picked up from our program early, please call or email our program one day in advance so your child can be prepared, and staff can be alerted to your arrival. If it is an emergency, please call the office as soon as possible in advance of your arrival.

Payments, Fees, and Refunds

  • Classes and camps must be paid in full before the start of the semester or camp.
  • If you are requesting a payment plan a signed payment plan contract must be in place before the start of classes or camp.
  • Greenwich House accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. There is a return check fee of $35.00.
  • There is a late fee for any payment plan scheduled charge that is declined and is not able to be charged for 15 calendar days after it is scheduled to take place.
  • A prorated refund of the class fee is available to students who drop out of a class before the third week of the session.
  • Refunds will not be issued after the third week of classes.
  • Late Fees of $10 for every 10 minutes late will be charged if your child is not picked up on time without prior notice or with prior notice if it is greater than 15 minutes.
  • Annual non-refundable registration fee: $30.00
  • Changes to your after-school schedule can be accommodated if notified appropriately, and with space permitting. Notifications of this nature should be sent by email to YCC@greenwichhouse.org at least 72 hours prior to the next billing cycle. All changes will require a $100 administrative fee. There is no fee for changes between semesters.
  • A $250 deposit is required to secure a child’s spot.
  • A full refund will be issued for any canceled classes.


  • There is no refund of tuition for student absence.
  • There is no make-up lesson for a student’s absence.
  • Please let us know before 12 p.m. the day of an expected absence, that your child will not be attending either class or walkover.