YCC Study & Craft (Mon. – Fri.)

YCC Study & Craft

Monday through Friday   

In Study & Craft, students will have homework time for the first half of the program, then wind down with art projects and games. All students enrolled in Study & Craft will be eligible to apply for one – on one tutoring sessions. Private tutoring sessions require additional registration and fees. Limited spaces are available.

*YCC Study & Craft features homework help and academic advisement from and under the supervision of PS 3’s own Catherine Schrager.

30-minute tutoring sessions available (Tutoring is only available to those enrolled in YCC Study & Craft)

* One-on-one tutoring with Catherine Schrager (Thursday & Friday only).

YCC Study & Craft Bundles       

Sign – Up pricing by days

1 Day $450,  2 Days $600,  3 Days $750,  4 days $850, 5 Days $950

Tutoring Bundles

Price: 1 Day, $400  *2 Days $500  *3 Days $600  *4 Days $700 *5 Days $800

YCC Tutoring gives children time, space, and access to personalized lesson planning and support, and guidance as they learn and build skill sets.

* Tutoring includes one-on-one attention

* Monthly progress reports

* Initial evaluation for personalized lesson planning

** All families signing up for tutoring must email YCC with subject interests/ goals/ observed obstacles/ and all other essential information

YCC Tutoring is a resource to allow for more time and attention to be applied to existing skill sets and study habits. All children enrolled in YCC Tutoring will be expected to work independently on subjects in need of improvement and apply lessons taught during tutoring sessions during their study times. Tutoring is meant to contribute to a child’s academic growth and enrichment – our contributions to all academic growth and study skill sets will be tailored to meet your child’s needs and level.

**  We ask that all inquiries regarding progress be submitted to our administrative team at ghycc@greenwichhouse.org – so we may set an appointment to allow for thoughtful conversation.

Questions? Contact the YCC:

212-242-4140, ext. 263